Kutná Hora

Church of Saint Barbara

Church of Saint Barbara stands there as a kind of defiance. As a decoration above the left entrance you may see a miner who has turned his back towards the town and holds his clothes in a way that he is actually showing his bottom... That miner was placed there when enterpreneurs of Kutná Hora rebelled against a king, but it can be interpreted as a universal symbol. Barbara had to challenge nearby Sedlec Church and also churches in Prague.

Construction of the church started in 1388 and its first architect was Jan Parléř. In the beginning, the construction processed very quickly. The church was built from sandstone that had been mined in the nearby quarries. The sandstone contains many seashells that you can see even today. Only four years after the construction begun 15 altars were admitted to holy orders and to every altar a special priest was ordered. Till hussite wars the building raised to half of its today´s height, but it remained in that height till 1547, when the middle three-body ceiling was finished. It is neccesary to say that until this moment it rained into the church.   Kutná Hora was even runnig out of silver and thus miners decided to finish the works on the church. In the original project the church had to be two times longer and this assymetry seems very funny when you are inside of the church. And it is more funny even when you know, how are miners of Kutná Hora proud on the church of Saint Barbara.

Works on the church were renewed in 1905, which means that Barbara waited for its finishing more than 500 years. But for all the times people met there for prayers to their patron. They prayed even under the earth surface, mainly during crush-ins. Barbara helped miners in seemingly helpless situations. People of Kutná Hora told thousands stories about her help. She opened a hard rock, she enlightened the darkness of the mine or she just showed the right way out of the crush-in. To have a church dedicated to her meant ensuring her support when being in the mine... or at least to ensure hope. Anyway, you may pray as well... if you succesfully finished your visit to the mine, you may thank in your prayer and if you are about to visit it, prayer would be helpful. (one never knows what will happen)

However, the most amazing scenes of Saint Barbara Church are hidden before visitor´s eyes. Churches weren´t built only for our admiration, but mainly they are dedicated to God and the strangest objects are placed highly on the top of the church. Using binoculars you may admire fantastic fauna, that is comprising of chimaeras, bats, daemons, harpias, frogs or even winged rams. You may find a monkey with an orange on one of the south pillars. It is the first plastic depiction of this fruit in Bohemia. There is a pleasurous atmosphere made by coloured light of church windows and by perfect acoustics. Organ concerts are organised there, as well as regular masses are taking place in the Church of Saint Barbara.


Opening time:
opened daily

november - march
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

april – october
9 a.m.  – 6:00 p.m.

(last entrance is 30 minutes before closing time) 

Entrance fee: 
adults 60,- Kč
children, students 40,- Kč

telephone number: +420 327 512 115 (vicarage) 

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