Kutná Hora

Vlašský dvůr (The Valachian courtyards)

A silver had been stored there. And of course, where is the silver, there is a power, tables full of delicious meals, fat councillors, kings and diplomats, but also criminals and robbers. Today, tourists and townmen are pattering around, but there was bigger rush than it is today. Coins were incused in the yards, noisy argumentation was heart from the auditorium, people were dancing in king´s chambers, people were drinking and eating... but also, people were prosecuted and imprisoned in „šmitny“ (jails). To „šmitna“, yes... guides love this word. The former function of „šmitna“ was different. There were 17 „šmitna“s and they were centre of all attention.

Vlašský dvůr was only an ordinary fort designed to guard the roads. Later on it was rebuilt to king´s mansion, but the greatest change was during the rule of king Václav II, who collected all the bohemian mints there. There were two purposes why Václav II did this – firstly, there was a material for mints in Kutná Hora, secondly, king started the monetary reform that was aimed to unify the bohemian currency. To accomplish the task, king Václav II invited florentian lawyers and bankers, who impressed local people. The overall reconstruction of all complex is connected with the monetary reform. Central incustory room was built. Above this room a king´s chambers were built and on the circumference of the building small „šmitny“ were constructed.

Vlašský dvůr was an important centre of power as well. During the hussite wars Zikmund of Luxembourg built a base there from which he controlled his crusaders. He had found a kind support amongst local parvenues and barons. Kutná Hora never supported Hussites and 2000 of them were thrown to the drifts by Kutná Hora´s pro-catholic miners. They have even claimed that a person who would bring Hussite to town would be rewarded by a score of sous and who would bring Hussite priest would be rewarded by two scores of sous. It is of no surprise that people round Kutná Hora begun to disappear and number of people on the bottoms of the drifts started to raise. Later on a catholic king Vladislav II of Jagell was crowned here and he liked spending time in Vlašský dvůr. The last great assembly was called here in 1523. Reason for summoning the barons for the assembly was clear – amount of illegaly used silver was alarmingly high. As it is said – a chance makes criminals. The greatest robbers were, of course, of the aristocratic roots, but even miners and coinmakers weren´t innocent.

More details about Vlašský dvůr  will be surely told by your guides. They will guide you through whole Vlašský dvůr and will show you the whole incusory process. They will tell you, where the silver treasure was hidden and probably they will tell you something about „šmitny“. They had really been there and do not trust anybody, who would tell you the opposite.

Muzeum Odhalení tajemné tváře (Museum of mystic face revelation)

In the basement of Vlašský dvůr you may visit even a musem, that will reveal a mystic face of Kutná Hora to you. However, it is also a dark face. You will come to contact with robbers, witches, heretics and fire risers on the one side and on the other sides with their judges, jailers and executioners. Actually, you won´t meet them personally, but you will come to contact with tools and practices they used. If you want to visit the basement, continue here.

Opened daily:
April – September 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
November – February 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  
October and March 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Vlašský dvůr
Havlíčkovo náměstí 522
Kutná Hora
Telephone No.: (+420) 777 274 675
Telephone No.: (+420) 602 100 950
E-mail: muzeum@odhalenitajemnetvare.cz


Opening time:
opened daily

november – february
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

march and october
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

april – september
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

(last entrance is 30 minutes before closing time. We suggest ordering a visit of larger group) 

Entrance fee: 
adults 85,- Kč
children, students 45,- Kč 

Commentary in foreing language: 
adults 105,- Kč
seniors 85,- Kč
children, students 65,- Kč

Entrance fee for a whole family: 205,- Kč

telephone No.: +420 327 512 873
e-mail: vlasskydvur@kh.cz

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